e Raised to Power X calculator

Use this online calculator to solve your Napier equations. Enter the value of x in the input box and use the Calculate button. The exponential calculator will calculate e^x for you.

e Raised to Power X Calculator

e calculator takes the value of x from the user and calculates e power x instantly. It is a very handy tool that can be used to find e raised to x without facing any difficulty.

Keep on reading if you want to learn what is Euler’s number, How to calculate Napier’s constant with some examples of e to the power of x.

What is e (Napier’s constant)?

Number "e" is Napier’s constant and it holds eminent importance in mathematics. It is a natural number with a value of 2.7182818284590….,. The number e is infinite in nature. It is the base of the natural logarithm.

The Euler’s number (e) or Napier’s constant was invented by John Napier. It can also be expressed as a summation of infinite series.

e Raised to Power X calculator

How to calculate e raised to a power?

Have you tried the above exponential function calculator yet? Now, let’s take a dive into the handbook method to find e with some examples.

Follow the steps below to calculate the natural number raised to a power.


Solve for ex.

e^2, e^(32)


As we know, the value of exponential function e is 2.718.

e^2 = e × e = 2.718 × 2.718

e^2 = 7.38906

For e^(32), simplify the power of e and place the value of e.

e^(32) = e^9 = 2.718^9

e^(32) = 8103.08393

You can use the exponential equation calculator to save yourself from these calculations.

Note: The above tool is sometimes referred to as Euler’s number calculator.

Graph of e^x

e Raised to Power X calculator

Table for e^x

Refer to the e^x table below. All values are generated using our exponential form calculator.

e^x Euler’s number calculator value
e1 2.71828
e2 7.38906
e3 20.08554
e4 54.59815
e5 148.41316
e6 403.42879
e7 1096.63316


What is the value of Napier's constant?

The value of Napier’s constant is 2.7182818284590. It is an infinite value.

How do I calculate e?

e or Euler’s number is a natural number that has the natural starting value of 2.7182818284590. It is a mathematical constant. e can be calculated by taking the e raised to the power x.

e3 = e × e × e = 2.718 × 2.718 × 2.718 = 20.08554

What is the value of 1 by e?

The value of 1 by e (1/e) is 0.36787944117. It can be calculated by taking the reciprocal of e.

What is the value of E Power 0?

The value of e power 0 is 1.


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