One's (1s) Complement Calculator

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Complement of Binary Number

1s complement calculator converts the binary number into 1’s complement. One’s complement generated by this tool can be further used to calculate two’s (2’s) complement.

Let’s find out what is 1’s complement and how to find one’s complement of a binary number with an example.

What is one’s complement?

Ones' complement of a binary number is the value gained by inverting all the bits in the binary number. The 1's complement of the number then acts like the negative of the original number in some arithmetic operations.

How to calculate one’s (1’s) complement?

To calculate 1s complement of binary number, convert each 0 in the binary number to 1 and each 1 to 0. Check out the below example of binary to one’s (1’s) complement conversion.


Find the 1’s complement of the given number.



Step 1: Write down the binary number.

Binary number = (10011010)2

Step 2: Invert all 0’s to 1 and 1’s to 0.

10011010 --> 01100101

Use 1s complement converter to find ones’ complement of any binary number in a fraction of second.


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