Decimal to Fraction calculator

Decimal to fraction calculator helps to convert a value in decimal form to fraction form. It is a one-step calculator with many uses.

Decimal to Fraction

The step-wise result is detailed to the very end. This helps users not only to find the answer but also learn how the answer was calculated.

Decimals and fractions are integral parts of mathematics and actually, they are different ways to show the same value, for example, half can be written as ½ as a fraction and 0.5.

How to use the decimal to fraction converter?

For converting decimals to fractions using this online and free tool;

  1. Enter the decimal value in the labelled box. (You can choose a random value by clicking on the loading icon).

  2. Press enter or click calculate.

Now, let’s learn how to convert decimals into fractions.

How to convert a decimal into fractions?

There is a three-step process for the conversion of decimals to fractions. These steps are:

  1. Place 1 as the denominator and make the decimal values fraction.

  2. Count the decimal places, say x, and multiply the numerator and denominator by 10x.

  3. Find the GCF and divide both upper and lower values by it.


Convert 56.7 into a fraction.


Step 1: Make it a fraction.

= 56.1/1

Step 2: Count the decimal places.

There are two decimal places.

Step 3: Multiply 100 from the numerator and denominator.

= 5.62/1 * 100/100

= 562/100

Step 4: Find GCF of 562 and 100.

The GCF is 2.

Step 5: Divide GCF from numerator and denominator.

= (562/2) / (100/2)

= 281/50

To escape all this work, use the decimal to fraction converter above.

There is a different and more accurate method to convert the repeating decimals. You can use the repeating decimals to the fraction calculator for this purpose.

Decimal to fraction Chart

Decimal Fraction Percentage
0.236 472/2000 23.6%
0.2355 471/2000 23.55%
0.235 470/2000 23.5%
0.2345 469/2000 23.45%
0.234 468/2000 23.4%
0.23485 469/1997 23.485%
0.23473 469/1998 23.473%
0.23462 469/1999 23.462%
0.23438 469/2001 23.438%