Exponential calculator

An exponent calculator is an online tool that is used to solve values with negative or positive integers as exponents. It gives the answer in decimal form. You can enter negative exponents like e.g 2-3 in the calculator. It allows you to enter bases bigger than two places like 780. The same goes for the powers.

Exponential Power

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How to use this exponential calculator?

Follow the instructions to use this calculator to solve values with exponents.

  1. Enter the Base value e.g x in x2.
  2. Input the value of power e.g 2 in x2.
  3. Click “Calculate”.

What are Exponents?

Exponents are bases raised with some powers. The bases can be variable or real numbers. Similarly, the powers can be in any type of number such as fraction, decimals, negative integers e.t.c

How to solve exponents?

As you already know, the tool above is the exponents calculator. You can use it as it is specifically developed to solve values that have some power. 

To solve manually, you have to multiply the base to itself, power number of times. 

Expand 63.
Step 1: Write 6 three times.
= 6 x 6 x 6
Step 2: Multiply.

= 216

This is one basic example. As powers can be negative we will see an example of that too.

Solve the base 4 with exponent -4.

Step 1: Write in the power form.

= 4-4

Step 2: Take the base as the denominator to make the power positive.

= 1 / 44

Step 3: Repeat the same process as positive exponents.

= 1 / 4 x 4 x 4 x 4
= 1 / 256

Step 4: Solve the fraction.

= 0.0039