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This kinetic friction coefficient calculator has been developed to calculate kinetic friction. Select what you want to calculate, i.e., kinetic friction, frictional force equation, etc. Enter the required values and press the Calculate button to find the kinetic friction using the coefficient of kinetic friction calculator.

Kinetic Friction

To calculate Kinetic Friction:

  • Formula:
    Kinetic Friction (Fk) = μk x N
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The force of friction calculator offers all types of kinetic friction calculations. By using this frictional force calculator, you will be able to calculate:

  • Kinetic Friction (Fk)
  • Kinetic friction coefficient (μk)
  • Normal force (N)

If you want to learn this topic thoroughly, continue reading. We are going to explain how to find force without using the kinetic coefficient of friction calculator, equation for friction, kinetic friction definition, coefficient of friction formula, how to find frictional force, and much more in this space.

What is kinetic friction?

When two objects moving along each other and rubbing one another, they are subjected to kinetic friction. It is a force that exists between moving surfaces. The kinetic friction coefficient is denoted as μk. The unit of friction is Newton N.

The force between two non-moving objects is called static friction. Static friction is always greater than kinetic friction. Calculator School offers both static and kinetic friction calculators.

Kinetic friction formula

Kinetic friction equation or friction force equation can be expressed as:

Fk= μk η


Fk represents the force of kinetic friction,

η is the normal force, and

μk refers to the coefficient of kinetic friction.

How to calculate friction?

Wondering how to find coefficient of friction without using a kinetic friction force calculator? Here, we will explain the step by step method to find friction.


If a table with a weight of 20 kg is being pushed on the floor with a coefficient of friction of 0.30, find the total kinetic friction between the table and the floor?


Step 1: Identify and write down the values.

Mass (m) = 20 kg

μk = 0.30

Step 2: Use the force of friction equation and place the values.

Fk= μk η

Since η represents the force. We can use the equation of force F = mg to replace the η.

Fk= μk mg     

Fk= 0.30 × 20 kg ×9.81 m/s2     ∴ g = 9.81 m/s2

Fk = 58.86 N

Use the force of kinetic friction calculator above to authenticate the answer in this example.


Can the work done by friction be positive?

Work done by friction can never be positive. It is always negative or zero.

What are the examples of kinetic friction?

Some of the examples of kinetic friction are:

  • A table sliding on the floor
  • A vehicle moving on the road
  • A fabric being ironed with an iron
  • Rubbing both hands


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