Polar/Rectangular Coordinates Calculator

The Rectangular to Polar Conversion Calculator calculates and displays the equivalent polar value for the given rectangular values. The rectangular coordinates are in the form (x,y). The Polar coordinates are in the form (r,q).

Rectangular to Polar Conversion

  • X1 Value

  • Y1 Value

  • X2 Value

  • Y2 Value

  • R=

  • t (in degrees)=


Formula Used:
R = sqrt(x * x + y * y) , angle=atan(y/x)
Rectangle coordinates:
x and y - horizontal and vertical distances from the origin.
Polar coordinates(r,q):
r - the distance from the origin to the point.
q - the angle measured from the positive x axis to the point.
t - angle (in degrees).

The rectangular to polar conversion calculator displays the result of the conversion to polar with two dimensional coordinates.