Wight and Mass – Converting units with ease

Volume can be defined as quantity of three dimensional space enclosed by some closed boundary, unit of volume is cubic meter on other hand capacity can be defined as total amount contained or produced. This online converter is great tool to convert units of volume and capacity such as cubic meter, cubic millimeter, fluid ounce, pint, quart, gallon etc.

Weight/Mass Unit Converter

Metric Units of Weight

  • Convert From

  • Rounded to

  • gram

  • microgram

  • milligram

  • centigram

  • decigram

  • dekagram

  • hectogram

  • kilogram

  • megagram (ton)

    (Mg or t)

Troy Units of Mass/Weight

  • Convert From

  • grain

  • pennyweight

  • ounce

    (oz t)
  • pound

    (lb t)

Avoirdupois units of Mass

  • Convert From

  • grain

  • dram

    (dr avdp)
  • ounce

    (oz avdp)
  • pound

    (lb avdp)
  • short hundredweight

  • short ton

  • long hundredweight

    (gross cwt)
  • long ton

Apothecaries Units of Mass

  • Convert From

  • grain

  • scruple

    (s ap)
  • dram

    (dr ap)
  • ounce

    (oz ap)
  • pound

    (lb ap)

Other Units of Weight / Mass

  • Convert From

  • carat

  • gamma